What you need to know about subscribing with RatePal

The process starts by having the user first define the company’s main information , then brands/domains and then associated  with various applicable business types .

Business entities targeted for rating will be defined next. Business entities are referred to as Rateable items or Ratable Entities (REs).

RE’s can be a physical service location , a non-location based service , a product or a person .

  • Location based entities are outlets (physical place) where services are offered (e.g. restaurants, banks, school, pharmacy, clinics, etc.)
  • Non-Location based serving entities are those not requiring a physical outlet such as online orders, events management, internal corporate department rating, flight route, etc.
  • RE’s can also be “staff” targeted to be evaluated/rated such as Doctors, Faculty, Bank Agent, Travel Agent personnel, e
  • RE’s can also be any product.

RatePal™ pricing model is a license per Ratable Entity . Both Monthly and Annual plans are available for each order.

RatePal™ reserves the right to change pricing list at any time. This change will be announced and shared as well on the RatePal’s website shall take effect from the time of publication, providing neither direct nor personal notification to the subscriber.